2022-23 NP Band Boosters Election

Monday – April 25th at 6:30pm we will be holding the elections for the 2022-23 Band Boosters Board positions.

This event will be held virtually, so everyone will be able to participate via your smart phone, tablet, laptop or home computer.

ALL positions are open for nominations regardless of current incumbents. There are several positions without anyone slated so please take a moment to review the descriptions of each Board position.

Thank you!


NPBB 2022-2023 Ballot

Slated for President:  

  • Kathy Thrasher (Current President) The 2022-23 school year will be my 8th year as a Band Booster. I previously served as  NPBB Treasurer (2013-14) and NPBB President (2014-16 and 2020-22). During my tenure on the Board, I have also served as Concessions Chair and IPA Contest Coordinator as well as assisted with uniforms and props.  My daughter, Libby, began her career in the arts this year as a member of the Cadet Color Guard and will play French Horn in the 7th grade band for the coming school year.  My niece, Callie, will be a senior Mellophone/French Horn this year.  As a bus driver for CSCSHC, I have been privileged to drive the Marching Dragons and our Winter Guard groups to their various competitions. Even though it can be challenging at times, being involved with this program is truly one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. From interacting with and getting to know the kids to developing relationships with their parents, I thoroughly enjoy being a part of this amazing group. 

Slated for Vice- President:  

  • Dee Dellacca  I have volunteered with the New Pal Band since 2018. Our oldest will be a Senior next year (she is in Guard and Dance) and our 2nd oldest will be a Sophomore next year (she is in the Marching Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band, and Winter Percussion). I have helped with several things throughout the years from IMS to chaperoning the band and guard and winter percussion to concessions. I have also helped organize and serve food for the Marching band last season as well as other competitions held at New Pal High School. We have 4 kiddos in total, the 2 younger are boys and love watching their sisters perform.  It has been a lot of work, but mostly fun to be involved. We have met wonderful parents and kids through these programs.
  • Lindsey Meyer (Current Concessions Coordinator) My husband, Tim, and I have three children. Our eldest daughter is a current Freshman at NPHS. Olivia loves Marching Band and has already made so many friends and fun memories. I have thoroughly enjoyed being involved as a band parent and as a booster board member. Being on the board of the boosters has been my first big step into immersing myself in New Pal and my daughter’s passion for music. As an Indiana transplant and not a native, it has helped me become more familiar with other New Pal parents and community members. I look forward to serve in any way that I can in the coming years.

Slated for Secretary

  • Amy Wood (current Secretary) I have served the past two year as the Secretary for the New Palestine Band Boosters. If elected,  I would like to serve again as the NPBB Secretary. My appreciation for music began at an early age when I started taking piano lessons. When I was in middle school, I began  learning to play the clarinet, but once I got to high school, my band director convinced me to play the bass clarinet. I then played the bass clarinet until I went to college, and once there, my college band director convinced me to up the ante a bit by playing the  contrabass clarinet!  Although I don’t have the time to play much anymore, I still enjoy music and am glad to  be involved in the New Palestine Band Booster program because of my daughter’s love of music. As a junior, Elena is involved in color guard with the marching band as well as the winter guard. My hope for the NPBB is that we can create an inviting environment for the new students and parents that join our “band family”, so that ultimately the band will grow and flourish in the years to come. 

Slated for Treasurer:  

  • Jordan Hertig (current Treasurer) I am seeking a third term on the NPBB board. I have served as Fundraising Coordinator and am currently serving as the Treasurer. My husband and I have three kids currently in New Pal Schools. Our oldest son, John, is going to graduate soon. He has loved being involved in marching band since his freshman year, and this year he tried winter percussion for the first time. Our younger son, Drew, is very excited to march for the first time next year as a freshman. Our youngest, Gwen, will be a second grader next year and is a frequent spectator at concerts and contests. I’ve enjoyed being involved with this program because it is one that my kids have loved and benefited from. I’ve met many incredible parents and kids through this program while volunteering to help with uniforms, props, and on the board. I hope to continue to serve and help create a great experience for our band and guard kids and their families. 

Slated for Student Account Facilitator : 

  • Brandi Doolittle (Current Student Account Facilitator) I have been the Student Account Coordinator for 1 term, and have thoroughly enjoyed working with the other members of the board.  My son is going into his Sophomore year this year, and with his younger sister (she’s going into the 5th grade) coming up behind him and watching all the fun these kids have, I suspect I will be participating in some form for many more years to come. It has been a blast so far, getting to know the parents and the kids involved in the music program, and I hope to continue making these connections as the SAC for another term.

Slated for Online Coordinator/Community Liaison:  

  • Amber Cooper I am the parent of Freshman twin girls who are both involved in the band program.  Our daughter Abbie started Winter Guard in the Cadet Program and just completed her 4th season and also participated in Marching Band this year.  Her twin sister Alaina participated on the band side this year in all areas: Marching Band, Jazz Band, Audio Theatre, and Concert Band.  We also have a 4th grade daughter and her sisters can’t wait for her to join the band program in the future. I have volunteered in several areas over the years including Chaperoning events, IMS, Santa Breakfast, and ISSMA contest.  As a former band kid myself, I am amazed at the opportunities that our program provides for students and have loved seeing the joy it has brought to my girls.   I am excited to see this program grow and to work with the band parents wherever I can.

Slated for Concessions Coordinator: 

Slated for Fundraising Coordinator: 

  • Michelle Sharp  I was in the winter guard and marching band.  I loved it and cannot wait for my daughter to have the marching band experience and the family, and friends that come with it.

Slated for Sponsorship Coordinator: 

  • David Hatcher I am the proud parent of a junior that has participated on the winter guard team this year. I have two other children in the New Pal schools, one will be a freshman and one will be a 3rd grader. I am wanting to join the board to help build the program and have the community support behind them.