Latest News for the Week of February 10th – February 16th, 2020

Audio Theater (Winter Percussion) Schedule
NPHS Audio Theater has its first competition this week at Franklin Central. Please find the full schedule HERE. Note that there is a small break mid-rehearsal for members to have a snack, then lunch is provided by the parents after rehearsal. Susan Buchanan has headed that up and we are very thankful for those of you are helping with that. If you did not receive an email from her, please send her a note to be added.

The final run-through is set for 12:45 PM. For all parents who are wanting to help us on and off the floor (we will need at minimum four), we will need you at that run-through to talk through the process of getting on and off the floor. We have allotted 45 minutes for this first one, every one after should not take as much time. If you are interested in helping out, please email Tim Henderson asap.

We also need chaperones for the day, please also contact Tim if you can help. Thank you and we’re so excited to start the season!

Winter Color Guard Schedule
Find the full schedule HERE.

WGI Indy
Saturday, February 15 and Sunday, February 16 is the WGI Indianapolis Power Regional. This year will look very different from last year as we have possibly three rounds of performance in Scholastic A Class. Our prelims time is set per the schedule. We will know if we advance to Semi-Finals after Prelims are completed. If we advance to Semis on Saturday night, times are tentative based on reversed placement order. Meaning, if we are ranked 16th in Semis, we would be the first to perform in the round at 6:15 PM. We will know if we advance to Finals after Semis is about completed. We will be staying at Warren Central to watch the remainder of semis while Staff calculates placements to relay the information. If we make Finals, we will perform Sunday morning at Avon High School. The bus will leave after awards in the late afternoon, but you will be permitted to sign your child out with a note if you are needing to leave after the performance. If we do not make Finals, we will not have an organized outing to Avon High School. Students are more than welcome to travel with their families or each other to watch finals at Avon, but we will not formally go as a team. Please make sure you are receiving Kelly Piacenti‘s emails with all of the notes on schedules and communication, etc.

Prop Help Needed
If you are coming to the show(s) this weekend, we are in need of assistance getting on and off the floor. Due to competing in the WGI circuit, we will be extremely tight on set up time and we will not have the normal help to get on the floor. We specifically need adults to help us set up the feathers and pull the tarp. You are only required to meet us at “holding” where the guard enters the performance gym 12 minutes prior to the performance time. And then help take the props off the floor at the conclusion of our performance. If you are able to help, please email Kelly ASAP so we can plan who will help with what during set up.

Are you getting our Dragons Blast Newsletter?
If not, it’s full of super-useful info, photos, etc. We can’t post photos of band kids on the public website, so if you are missing out, please email Alan Ausbrooks to have your address added!

Coffee Fundraiser Underway Now! Limited time: February 2nd through 22nd:
This is the coffee we served at the Guard competition last weekend! It was available for sale then, and it’s available for sale now. Ten different brews for the full spectrum of flavors, and it comes with the New Palestine Dragon logo on the bag. Sold in whole bean, already ground, and single-serve K-cups.

Get Your Order Form HERE.
Each type of coffee is $11.99 and a percentage of each item goes back to the school/student account. For questions, or to place a coffee order, please contact Amanda Hall.