2021 IPA Job Descriptions

Outside Logistics (8)

  • Direct performing groups to their designated unloading area, then on to parking
  • Coordinate unloading for groups based on scheduled time
  • Direct spectators and directors to appropriate parking

Things to remember:

  • Dress for the weather
  • Keep your vehicle close (and running, if desired) to allow for quick warm-up
  • Pack a snack
  • Share and collect cell phone numbers for fellow logistics members to aid in communication

Group Check-in (4)

  • Greet arriving groups at their specified time
  • Provide instructions to director
  • Direct groups to their warm-up/holding area

Things to remember:

  • Bring a blanket! Being stationed near the door can get chilly as groups are entering.

Warm-Up (8)

  • KEY POSITION – This year, groups will be held in the same room as warm-up
  • Manage timing for the area, moving groups through in an effective manner
  • Indicate to director time remaining (5-3-1 min.)

Things to remember:

  • Warm-up is LOUD! Consider bringing earplugs or other hearing protection.

Hallway Monitors (10)

  • Stationed at strategic points
  • Direct performers along performance route

Things to remember:

  • Bring a chair, book, etc.

Gym Assistants (2)

  • Assist Judges and Announcer with any needs (water, etc.)

Spectator Entrance (4 total, split shifts)

  • Greet visitors to our event
  • “Collect” e-tickets
  • Direct spectators to proper entrance for performance

Things to remember:

  • This position has the highest level of close interaction with people
  • Consider bringing a blanket as it can get cold if the door is open for an extended time
  • Due to the ticketing method, NO MONEY will change hands

First Aid (1)

  • Provide basic first aid to performers and spectators (bandages, ice, etc.)
  • Prefer medically trained professional (MD, RN, EMT, etc.)

Meal Coordinator (1)

  • Coordinate meals for the judges (lunch and dinner) by providing menu options ahead of time
  • Order and pick up selected meals

Things to remember:

  • NO HOMECOOKED MEALS/FOOD. All food must be prepared by a restaurant or come pre-packaged (chips, snacks, etc.)
  • Securing local donations would be ideal

Headquarters/Floater (4)

  • Volunteers in this area should be familiar with all aspects of the event
  • Provide relief breaks for other volunteers, fill in wherever a need exists

Things to remember:

  • Wear comfortable shoes! Lots of walking with this position!

Sanitizing Crew (4)

  • Assist custodial staff in sanitizing performance gym between performance blocks and spectator groups

Performance Gym Monitor (4)

  • Stationed at each point of entry to prevent unauthorized or untimely entry to the performance gym