It’s that time again! 2019-2020 Concessions will begin for us at the end of October. Reminder that each Marching Band student needs to fulfill at least 5 shifts… now anyone can work these shifts as long as they are over the age of 14. End times are approximate, so events could end sooner or last later than posted.

Concessions is a HUGE fundraiser for us, so it is important for us to have every event staffed. If you are interested in being a concessions manager please let Carolyn Pinnick know… these individuals would help in making sure the stands are opened and closed and the money is counted and paperwork is filled out.

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Carolyn is currently looking for a mentor to take over the concessions duties. She has the process pretty much streamlined and would love to show someone the ropes as her band kid will be graduating next year. It is not a hard job at all and actually kind of fun… please let her know!!!

If you have any questions, please contact NPBB Concessions Manager, Carolyn Pinnick.