Raise Right

RaiseRight (formerly Scrip) is the easiest and fastest way to earn money for your band member! You earn money directly into your band member’s account with every RaiseRight purchase. You would spend the money anyway, why not purchase a gift card via RaiseRight to pay for those items/dinners/etc., and earn FREE MONEY for your band member account when doing so?

Here’s how: (Download PDF Instructions RaiseRight Overview)

Go to RaiseRight.com
Click Sign In/Register
Click Join RaiseRight Program
Enrollment code: Please contact the NPBB RaiseRight Coordinator, for enrollment code, NPBBfundraising@gmail.com
Fill out all the info it asks for. The group is New Palestine Band Boosters, also known as NPBB.

Once you are signed in, click on SHOP and search through all the available vendors you can buy gift certificates or cards for.

When you hover over one of the vendors it will show you what % of your purchase will be deposited into your band member’s account; you will also see the three options possible:

1. The blue gift card means you can purchase it as a physical gift card. A band parent will receive them and pass them out/work with you on picking them up.

2. The red exclamation point means you can buy it as an instant e-gift card – perfect when you are checking out of a store or restaurant. (Note: most are instantaneous, some take up to an hour, but they tell you.)

3. The green recycle symbol means you can RELOAD money onto a previously purchased gift card bought through RaiseRight. (Reloads can take 0-24 hours to hit the card.